The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World
http://www.irisreading.com/youtube Which one is your favorite? Which one did we miss? Abou...
published: 19 Feb 2014
World's Most Beautiful Libraries
Help us caption and translate this video on Amara.org: http://www.amara.org/en/v/CtK/ Phot...
published: 23 Feb 2010
author: Bon Tips
10 Largest Libraries Of The World
10 Largest Libraries of the World 10. New York Public Library, USA 9. Kiev's Vernadsky Nat...
published: 10 Aug 2013
author: Sky Light
15 Incredible Libraries Around the World
Find more videos, amazing pictures, amazing information, amazing facts, amazing things, an...
published: 22 Jan 2013
author: Dhara Shah
Top 10 Largest Libraries.avi
educational filler....
published: 07 Oct 2011
World Digital Library Serves Millions
From VOA Learning English, this is the Technology Report. Name a website where you could f...
published: 12 Aug 2013
biggest libraries in the world
جمعية أطراس الثقافية بسيدي سعد....
published: 02 Dec 2012
Check Out the World Digital Library
Subscribe to our channel: http://youtube.com/voalearningenglish\ From VOA Learning Englis...
published: 26 Aug 2013
Libraries: Linking Seniors in a Digital World | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
See how computer training and access to technology are empowering seniors in Houston. http...
published: 12 Sep 2012
Libraries in a Google World
According to the Executive Director of the Da Vinci Institute, futurist Thomas Frey, libra...
published: 26 Jul 2012
author: PLConnect
Why does the world need librarians?
Created in support of an application for the Librarianship Into the Future scholarship, at...
published: 08 Mar 2011
author: HieAnon
The most beautiful libraries in the world
As bibliotecas mais bonitas do mundo, reunidas em um vídeo....
published: 21 Jun 2008
author: pcbraga
Libraries open a world of opportunity
UNICEF - 19 November 2012 - Thomas Nybo, UNICEF correspondent, reports on a programme that...
published: 19 Nov 2012
author: UNECOSOC
Edinburgh Libraries' World Record Attempt
On August 19th 2011 Edinburgh City Libraries attempted to break the world record for the l...
published: 20 Aug 2011
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Solr Powered Libraries: A survey of the world's knowledge bases
Presented by Erik Hatcher, Lucene/Solr Committer and PMC member, Co-founder, LucidWorks Us...
published: 29 May 2013
Famous Libraries of the World- A video made by Bhim Upadhyaya.flv
published: 14 May 2010
The World's Strongest Librarian, Josh Hanagarne - 9781592407873
An inspiring story of how a Mormon kid with Tourette's found salvation in books and weight...
published: 21 Nov 2012
the 5 largest libraries of the world + strange libraries
Our English Project....
published: 27 Sep 2012
author: Maha Nasser